Municipal Court Proceedings in the City of Mobile, Alabama

If you or someone you know is currently under arrest or is being detained and facing charges in the City of Mobile, please call an attorney immediately. If we are involved from the beginning of any legal matter or during any police or law enforcement interrogation, your likelihood of avoiding or having charges and fines dismissed greatly improves. Even if you think you are guilty, our ability to negotiate and gather information could prevent unnecessary adjudication or convictions.

If you have been arrested, charged with a crime or given a ticket pending a court proceeding in the City of Mobile Municipal Court, you should request a free and confidential consultation from an attorney.

A large majority of offenses can result in large fines, losing your right to possess a driver’s license, losing your right to own and use fire arms, even losing your right to vote or hold public office. And that’s just to name a few. These offenses may even result in your incarceration in a city or county jail or in state or federal custody while awaiting trial. Even if you do not serve time in jail, the record of a criminal conviction can have serious consequences long after the judgment. Attorney’s aim to defend your legal rights so that you serve little to no time incarcerated as well as ensuring that any convictions or fines in the Mobile Municipal Court are dismissed or diminished.

Your circumstances could vary from facing municipal criminal charges such as a DUI or misdemeanor traffic violation, to a drug offense or assault charge in Mobile County, to a pending felony conviction in a Alabama Court or United States Federal Court. An attorney’s focus is on defending the accused regardless of their circumstance or age. In any adult or juvenile defense matter, domestic violence or drug charge in the City of Mobile, Alabama, as well as any county, state or federal probation violations, your attorney will aggressively represent you and help protect your legal rights and freedoms.

If you have already gone before a judge, you or the accused has 14 days from the conviction to appeal the case to the Mobile County Circuit Court in front of a jury of your peers.

Arrested in Mobile Alabama and have a Municipal Court Case in the City of Mobile? Contact an attorney immediately.

Mobile Alabama Municipal Court Location

205 Government St.
PO Box 2446
Mobile, AL 36652
Office: 251-208-7055

Mobile Alabama Municipal Court Information

Typically, City of Mobile Municipal Court Proceedings take place at Mobile Government Plaza in downtown Mobile, Alabama on the 2nd floor.

List of Judicial Officers

  • Presiding Judge
  • Associate Court Judge
  • Part-Time Court Judge
  • Part-Time Court Judge
  • Part-Time Court Judge
  • Assistant Judge
  • Chief Court Bailiff
  • #1 Court Officer
  • Part-time Court Officer
  • Part-time Court Officer
  • Hon. A. Holmes Whiddon, Jr.
  • Hon. Shelbonnie Hall
  • Hon. Matthew S. Green
  • Hon. Rose A. McPhillips
  • Hon. Carol Little
  • Hon. Thomas H. Figures
  • Shelia Taylor
  • Robert Agee
  • Pricilla Young
  • Valerie Smith

List of Operational Officers

  • Court Secretary II & Payroll Clerk
  • Magistrate/Court Operations Supervisor
  • Court Supervisor
  • Fiscal Officer
  • Wanda Newberry
  • Laura Tarver
  • Brenda Braggs
  • Kelly McArthur